Veneers: your way to a beautiful smile


    Do you have disproportionate teeth or discoloration and dream of a beautiful smile? Have you ever heard of veneers? Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic shells that are attached to the teeth – permanently. They improve the look of your teeth and help you achieve a radiant smile. Mostly they are made of high-quality ceramic and are inserted using a special plastic. This is how our dental practice in London, achieves long-lasting results that are also gentle on your teeth.

    There are different types of veneers that we would like to briefly introduce to you. These are used depending on the tooth irregularity or the initial situation – but sometimes several types are combined with one another:

    1. Conventional veneers: This type is about 1 mm thick. Some tooth substance is removed prior to application in order to achieve the best possible result.
    2. Non-prep veneers: With a thickness of 0.3–0.6 mm, these veneers are significantly thinner and can be attached without losing tooth substance.
    3. Laminates: These ceramic bowls can compensate for minor unevenness or missing edges and gaps.
    4. Immediate veneers: This type of veneer is modelled on the tooth in just one session.

    Who is eligible candidate for Veneers?


    Veneers can be used for both women and men. In principle, it can be said that veneers are a good option for blemishes on the teeth. If you suffer from darkly discoloured teeth, tooth gaps or cracks, for example, veneers are the right way to improve the appearance.

    We at our dental practice recommend veneers because they are extremely effective and compensate for cosmetic defects.

    The reasons for using veneers at a glance:

    In contrast, veneers are not suitable for people who grind their teeth in individual cases. This is because the ceramic plates can become detached or damaged.

    Step By Step: Treatment With Veneers

    When using conventional veneers, the treatment is as follows:

    1. Consultation: In an initial conversation, explain to your doctor what changes you would like. Building on this, it is discussed which measures are possible.
    2. Model production: We produce a model of your dentition using a plaster model and a plastic aligner. In this way you can see what your teeth will look like with veneers and you can express further requests for changes.
    3. Preparation of the teeth: After a thorough cleaning and optional other treatments, the tooth enamel is sanded or individually removed. Before that, of course, you will receive a local anaesthetic.
    4. Impression & temporary model: After the treatment, an impression of your teeth will be made and you will receive a punctually attached temporary model that you can test for a few days.
    5. Use of the veneers: After about 10-14 days you will receive your individually made veneers. Changes are possible at any time – our goal is that you are completely happy with your veneers.

    Veneers advantages

    With veneers, you can finally get the smile you want. Whether cracks, discoloration or gaps: The use of veneers is uncomplicated and very versatile. Teeth that stand back are optically brought forward, gaps are closed or teeth that are too short or broken are lengthened. Veneers from London Dentaly – This is how you get the smile you want!


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