Do you know how many teeth human have?


Our age is the most important factor to answer this question, since children and adults have a very different number of teeth.

In order to know how many teeth we have, it is important that you know that the teeth eventually appear during our growth process. During primary dentition, which begins between 7 and 8 months of age, only 20 teeth erupt, of which 10 appear in the upper part and 10 more in the lower part of the mouth. These teeth, usually called milk teeth, fall and give way to the permanent dentition.

This happens between 6 and 12 years adding a total of 28 teeth, where we already have 8 incisor teeth, 4 canines, 8 premolars and 8 molars. From the age of 17, wisdom teeth begin to appear, so an adult can have up to 32 teeth that include these.

Sometimes this process is not usually the case and is due to different reasons. The wisdom tooth may have been extracted or lost a tooth due to an accident, situations that can be avoided by taking special care and carrying out proper oral hygiene, as well as attending the dentist at least once a year.

Dental anatomy

A Set of Human Mouth Anatomy
A Set of Human Mouth Anatomy illustration

Surely you have also noticed on more than one occasion that our teeth have different sizes and shapes. The reason for this is that all the pieces have a different function: the incisor teeth allow cutting, the canine teeth tear and the premolars and molars crush the food.

All our teeth have a crown that is the upper part of the tooth, the shape of this determines its function, for example: the front teeth are sharp, while the molars have flat surfaces.

Permanent teeth are usually larger than milk teeth, in addition to having thicker layers.

Types of teeth

As we have seen in some other articles, we have different types of teeth among which are:

Incisive teeth: They are located in the central part of the mouth, there are 8 and they are the first to come out.

Canine teeth: Also known as tusks, there are 4 of them and they are placed behind the incisors.

Premolars: They replace the temporary molars and there are 8 of them, they are located between the fangs and the molars. They are in charge of grinding the food.

Molars: It is made up of 12 teeth, also known as molars, just as the premolars have the function of grinding food.

Cavities, periodontal diseases, dental plaque are some of the causes that could cause poor chewing. To avoid this and to be able to preserve healthy and radiant teeth, do not forget to schedule an appointment with our specialists periodically.

Our teeth are a fundamental part of our body, in addition to helping us smile, they also have an important role in nutrition and the digestive process, as they allow us to chew food properly so that the body is able to extract the necessary nutrients and This way we keep our general health in good condition.


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