Mouth piercings



Piercing is a trend but you should know that, depending on where you get it done, your health can be compromised.

This is the case of piercings in the mouth. Although the piercing is carried out by a qualified professional, following safety measures and in a totally hygienic establishment, these piercings can cause oral injuries.

According to various studies, 72% of people who wear piercings have suffered infections and some complications after their placement. Still, the use of piercings has increased, especially in the ages between 16 and 24.

It is very important to know the possible complications, as well as the oral health measures that you must apply to prevent infections or diseases in the short or long term. It should be borne in mind that these conditions can appear during placement, shortly after, or even after a few months.

Consequences of piercing on your oral health

There are many complications that can appear after the placement of a piercing in the mouth. We tell you:

Pain and swelling

Between six and eight hours after the piercing, and in a period of up to four and six days after, the tissues around the pierced area begin to swell, and the inflammation and pain can last beyond a week.

Swollen gums

Another of the most common causes is gingival recession. It is one of the conditions that most concerns us in our dental clinic. Recessions can be as deep as 3-5mm. This results in an attachment loss that causes movement or loss of some of the teeth.

About 50% of people with mouth piercings suffer from a gum infection.


Bleeding is one of the possible complications that occur at the time of perforation. Above all they are frequent in tongue piercings. This has the lingual artery and vein and their corresponding branches.

Alteration in taste buds

The tongue has three main nerves. One regulates general sensitivity, another regulates mobility, and the last regulates the taste we feel when eating. Drilling can alternate the operation of any of them.

This type of injury is common in dorsolateral tongue piercings.

Dental fracture

The contact of the piercing with the tooth causes more frequent fractures than is thought. Rubbing against jewellery causes breakage of restorations, crowns or caps.

When you have a piercing in your mouth it is common to play with it, pushing the metal against the teeth, this usually causes dental gaps and wear.

Other important consequences

  1. Accumulation of tartar and plaque dental.
  2. Appearance of allergies and ulcers.
  3. Difficulty chewing and excessive salivation.
  4. Bad breath in the case of not exercising a deep oral cleaning or due to the accumulation of bacteria in the piercing.
  5. Ingestion of the piercing accidentally. Especially when playing sports.

Advice from London Dentaly Clinic if you have piercings in your mouth

If you have not yet worn it but are thinking of getting a mouth piercing, the first thing to consider is where you are going to pierce. Choose a qualified professional, who carries out the piercing with a quality material and, of course, sterilized. That the hygiene protocols of the process and the place are correct.

If you already wear it, it is important that you follow our advice to prevent future problems.

  1. Avoid playing with the jewellery: Try not to play or force the piercing against the gum or teeth.
  2. Clean it carefully and pay attention to possible signs of inflammation: If you notice any complications, go to the specialist.
  3. Good oral hygiene routine: Brush your teeth after every meal, use plaque cleaners and dental floss. Do not forget that hygiene should not only be in the teeth, also in the tongue, palate and gums.
  4. Visit to the dentist: A visit to your dentist to evaluate the state of your mouth will avoid possible scares.

In our Clinic we advise you and we will give you the necessary guidelines so that the placement of a piercing is merely a matter of style and fashion, and that it does not cause you any type of complication.

Trust our professionals to advise you.


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