Do you want a white smile with beautiful, straight teeth? Thanks to Lumineers, patients have been able to dream of a flawless smile for several years. But what is this popular dental aesthetic treatment all about? Who is it for and what advantages and disadvantages should you know? We at London Dentaly, the dental practice in London, have compiled the most important facts for you.

    What Are Lumineers?

    Lumineers are a type of veneer. These are ceramic bowls that are glued to the front and canine teeth and cover them up. In this way, tooth color, tooth shape and tooth position can be optically corrected. Veneers were invented in California in the 1950s and were already popular with the big screen sizes of old Hollywood for creating a flawless look for the cameras. Nowadays, most stars swear by the thinner Lumineers.

    In contrast to classic veneers, Lumineers belong to the group of non-prep veneers. This means that they are attached without roughening the tooth surface beforehand. Compared to veneers, which are up to 1 mm thick, Lumineers are extremely thin at 0.2–0.3 mm. The dental aesthetic treatment from Hollywood is becoming increasingly popular with patients in London.

    Who is a good candidate for lumineers?

    Treatment with Lumineers is particularly interesting for patients for whom professional teeth whitening is not an option, for example because of diseases of the teeth or gums. Even if you want a complete optical change of your teeth, but do not want to wait or pay for time-consuming and costly orthodontic treatment, Lumineers are a suitable solution.

    By concealing the front and canine teeth, the veneers achieve a clear, long-lasting effect in no time at all. Lumineers are not suitable for people who are prone to severe teeth grinding, as this can damage the thin veneers. In some cases, however, the treatment is possible in combination with a grinding aligner. Even strongly offset teeth make it difficult to attach Lumineers.

    Lumineers advantages

    The following points speak in favor of treatment with Lumineers:

    • Effective, quick complete solution
    • Painless treatment
    • Long shelf life (up to 20 years)
    • Usually possible despite diseases of teeth and gums
    • No need to grind the teeth
    • Natural aesthetics thanks to particularly thin ceramic
    • Can be removed without leaving any residue

    What are the disadvantages?

    There are a few things to consider before choosing Lumineers.

    • Comparably cost-intensive
    • No cash benefit
    • Particularly dark teeth can shine through the thin ceramic
    • Not suitable for strong teeth grinding

    Now you know the key facts about Lumineers. Are you interested in a treatment, but would you like more detailed advice first? Our specialists for veneers in London are always ready to answer your questions. Our orthodontists in London would be happy to discuss the options for your individual Lumineers treatment with you. Make an appointment for a consultation!


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