Invisible Braces: Common Questions Asked by Patients


We have written a lot about invisible orthodontics but today, we have decided to answer some of the most frequent questions that you ask us when you come to London Dentaly for a consultation. The goal is that you do not have any doubts about invisible orthodontics, let’s get started!


 Does invisible braces hurt the same as traditional braces?

This is an answer that anyone you know who has opted for invisible aligners can answer you. Invisible orthodontics is an orthodontic treatment that does not hurt, you may notice a slight pressure on your teeth the first days when you change the aligner, but it is not annoying.

In the case of the more traditional option, with braces, at each monthly visit the dentist needs to apply a force of blow to put the “machine back into operation”. While with invisible orthodontics this does not happen, since when changing them week by week this force is divided over time so it becomes almost imperceptible.

 Do you get canker sores and / or chafing with the invisible aligner?

Absolutely. You must bear in mind that the dental aligner that you will wear in your mouth is made to measure for your teeth. By fitting perfectly and not having irons or wires, and edges that do not cut, it is achieved that no type of injuries are produced.

Can you eat with the aligners?

That is one of the great benefits of clear aligners! Anyone who has worn braces will be able to tell you what they have suffered when they wanted to eat, especially certain harder foods.

Thanks to the aligners used in invisible orthodontics you will be able to eat harder things, as your teeth will not hurt. But one of the biggest advantages is that by being able to take them off to eat there will be no impediment to enjoying your tasty meals. Once you finish eating, you brush your teeth, as you always would after eating, and put them back in.

 In case of losing the dental aligners, what do I do?

Be careful with the aligners! But we understand that it is something that can happen. It happened to one of our patients while at a dinner party outside his home, in which he accidentally forgot the aligners in the bathroom. In this case, our patient opted to put on the next set of aligners, which was not a serious problem. In the event that something similar should happen to you, choose to wear the next one, or the previous one, and be sure to let us know on the next visit.

 Can invisible orthodontics be used in children?

Undoubtedly! Once children are 7 years old, they will be able to wear invisible orthodontics.

 How long will it take until I notice results?

As a general rule, our patients usually notice the results visibly around the third and fourth month of invisible orthodontic treatment.

Can you smoke with invisible aligners?

We are not in favour of smoking, under any circumstances! There is no problem if you smoke with them on, as they are changed periodically there will be no time for them to get “ugly”. What we do recommend is that you wash them more regularly since the smell can remain, and become unpleasant.

 Is it necessary to go to the clinic every week?

Although we would love to see you at the clinic frequently, we know that we all live with a very busy schedule, so when you come to our clinic, we will deliver aligners for about 6 or 8 weeks. In this way the visits will be more spaced out in time and not interfere with your day to day.

 How long does an invisible orthodontic treatment last?

The duration of an invisible orthodontic treatment will vary depending on each case (we all have a unique mouth and teeth). Based on an estimate, we have been able to calculate that almost all of our patients finish their treatment in a period of less than 18 months.


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