Invisalign Lite


The orthodontic clear aligners are fully customizable, and Invisalign Lite is the most basic option within your system.

It is intended for cases in which only the correction of slight malposition is necessary.

In this article, we are going to explain what are its features and the price of Invisalign Lite.

Who is candidate for Invisalign Lite?


Each patient can choose what type of orthodontics they prefer to wear, from the most conventional braces to more discreet methods, such as invisible orthodontics.

Generally, people who opt for transparent Invisalign trays have a high concern for their aesthetics and do not want their image to be affected during the treatment.

However, Invisalign offers different options that vary according to the requirements of each patient: Lite or Full.

Choosing between one or the other is the task of the orthodontist and not the patient, as each type of Invisalign is designed for different cases.

Specifically, the Lite version is usually the most suitable for people who have already worn an orthodontic system before but who have had their teeth moved.

This may be the result of not having a proper retention appliance or eruption of wisdom teeth or wisdom teeth.

If you are concerned about orthodontics affecting your image, Invisalign Lite clear aligners may be your best option.

Invisalign Lite Features

This brackets-free orthodontic system is based on transparent aligners that are changed every two weeks, for both the upper and lower arches.

Invisalign Lite consists of up to 14 pairs of trays tailored to the patient.

Thanks to them, it is possible to carry out the micro movements that the orthodontist has planned in his planning until obtaining the necessary corrections to obtain a harmonious smile.

As with all Invisalign treatment -whether Lite or Full-, it is possible that once the patient has used all the trays, it is necessary to begin the refinements phase. 

At this stage, the orthodontist makes the last arrangements of the smile to make it fully functional.

Invisalign Lite offers a single refinement, that is, an order for new personalized treatment for the patient, with the advantage of including an unlimited number of trays.

Advantages of Invisalign Lite

Invisalign Lite brings together all the advantages of orthodontics based on removable aligners, making it one of the methods most chosen by our patients.


The trays are practically imperceptible, being only visible at very short distances.

Therefore, they are the preferred orthodontics of those people who prioritize their appearance over the price of treatment.


Invisalign is a removable system, something highly valued by people who want to have comfortable orthodontics without emergencies.

Thanks to its removable nature, it does not hinder oral hygiene or limit feeding at all, contrary to what happens with braces.

In addition, it does not have any metal parts or ligatures, so it does not rub against the mucosa or cause mouth sores.

Of course, keep in mind that to ensure its effectiveness, it is necessary to wear the aligners a minimum of 22 hours a day.

If not, it is very likely that the duration of treatment will be longer than expected.


Invisalign is capable of correcting any dental misalignment or malocclusion, making it as effective as orthodontics with braces.

The perception of the patient is usually very positive from the first weeks, since the tooth is not covered by the brackets.

Therefore, the corrections are more clearly visible.



All orthodontic treatment needs a thorough study by the specialist beforehand.

Invisalign is no exception, although it has an additional benefit for the patient who opts for this method.

The splint sets that you will need are ordered at the same time, so the orthodontist is always very clear about the position of the teeth at each change of aligner.

This is achieved thanks to computer software called ClinCheck, developed by the AlignTech brand – which Invisalign markets -.

It is a visual simulation of the final result of the treatment, so the person can see how their mouth will look at the end of the orthodontic treatment even before it has started.

Invisalign Lite vs Invisalign Full: main differences

Although both are orthodontic treatments with invisible aligners, the difference between the two lies in the cases in which they are recommended.

Invisalign Full is the most complex version of this type of orthodontics and is indicated in those cases that require both alignment and bite correction.

The difference lies in two main aspects:

  • Treatment duration

Being indicated for cases of more severe malocclusion, treatments with Full usually last between 14 and 36 months.

However, the most common is that orthodontics have an average duration of 24 months.

For its part, orthodontics with Invisalign Lite usually takes about a year. This makes its price lower than Full.

However, keep in mind that this is an estimate, so to know the duration of a treatment for specific cases, it is essential to have an orthodontist’s assessment.

  • Set of trays and refinements

We have already explained that Lite offers a maximum of 14 trays and a single refinement with an unlimited number of aligners.

Invisalign Full, for its part, has the advantage of offering an unlimited number of trays from the first moment of planning and up to 3 refinements.

Each of them also has an unlimited number of trays.

Invisalign Lite price

In our clinic, the price of the Invisalign Lite treatment is from GBP 3,020.

And is that each case is different, because not all patients have the same needs.

The duration of orthodontics and the severity of the case – depending on whether it is mild, moderate or severe – are the aspects that influence the price of Invisalign Lite.

Therefore, so that you can have a complete budget, the ideal is that you go to a first free visit where our team of doctors will assess the state of your mouth.

Once we have designed your treatment plan, we can give you a personalized estimate.

Until you have a diagnosis from the professionals, this price may vary.

However, we clarify that the price you receive in your budget is closed and we will not add new concepts throughout the treatment.

Thus, all the actions necessary to correct your malocclusion are included in the cost of Invisalign Lite:

  • All the trays you need for your case.
  • Complete orthodontic study (photographs, x-rays, impression taking).
  • Professional oral hygiene.
  • Possible dental emergencies related to orthodontics.
  • Reviews during treatment and after it has finished.
  • Retainers (fixed and removable).

Invisalign Lite at London Dentaly

At our dental clinic we have achieved the Diamond Provider category, awarded by Invisalign to the orthodontists with the highest number of cases.

If you are interested in starting this treatment, you will be attended by our specialized Invisalign orthodontists.

But professionalism is not the only aspect that supports us, but also our patients, who have shared their opinions about Invisalign.

Our payment facilities

At London Dentaly we believe that it is important that having an aesthetic and functional smile is available to as many people as possible.

Therefore, we offer our patients a series of payment facilities:

  • 100% financing of the treatment in up to 36 months without interest.
  • Financing of 100% of the total amount in 48 months with shared interests.
  • Different payment methods: cash, card, direct debit …
  • Discount for prompt payment.

Now that you know the benefits that Invisalign Lite can have for your smile, don’t think twice and start the treatment with which you will achieve your dream smile.


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