Healthy and white teeth: Diet is so important!

Healthy teeth

No question about it, brushing your teeth is essential for healthy and white teeth. But even those who clean like a world champion. Thus, are not safe from tooth decay and plaque if the majority of the food they eat is not tooth-friendly. Because nutrition is essential for healthy and white teeth.

Healthy and white teeth: that’s how important nutrition is

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in our body. But acids can attack it. They release minerals from it, which gradually makes the tooth enamel, which is actually so hard, porous if it is not adequately protected. Once it is damaged, caries bacteria can establish themselves.

It is therefore important for dental health not to expose the teeth to too many acids. However, it is not only decisive what is eaten but also when and how.

Healthy and white teeth

Pay attention to the following 5 nutrition tips for healthy teeth:

1. Eat sugar in moderation

We have had it since we were children; sugar is harmful to teeth. The reason for this is that it serves as food for the bacteria that live on dental plaque. From this, the bacteria then produce the acids that are harmful to the teeth.

For healthy teeth, you should therefore pay attention to the number of cakes, biscuits, gummy bears, and chocolate that you eat. Cola drinks and soft drinks are also rich in sugar and should therefore be enjoyed in moderation. And: Food often contains hidden sugar, especially ready-made products, chips – or even ketchup.

2. Breaks between meals instead of constant snacking

However, you do not have to completely do without sugar in the diet for healthy teeth. It is much more important not to snack constantly and in between. Because the more often people eat – especially sweet things – the more acids are formed in the mouth, and the tooth becomes vulnerable every time.

If the body is given enough time between meals, it will regulate the acids in the mouth again. Therefore, it is better to eat (or drink) something sweet right with a meal rather than as a snack in between. If you get hungry between meals, sugar-free foods are the better choice: So rather nibble on some vegetables or enjoy natural yogurt and quark. If you want something sweet, berries or an apple are good choices, as they don’t contain that much sugar.

3. As little sticky stuff as possible for health and white teeth

Anything that sticks in the mouth can be harmful to the teeth for longer. For a healthy diet, you should eat as little sticky stuff as possible. Crisps, chewy sweets, gummy bears, and shortbread cookies are sticky.

Tip: After sticky foods, drink water or rinse your mouth, if possible, to remove food particles.

4. Wait to brush your teeth after acidic foods

Acidic foods and beverages, such as citrus fruits, fruit juice, vinegar, and wine, can also attack the teeth. After consumption, it should be rinsed with water if possible. You should then wait at least half an hour before brushing your teeth, as this would otherwise damage the tooth enamel.

And another tip for acidic drinks such as orange juice: Don’t take a sip every quarter of an hour, but rather drink the glass of fruit juice at once.

5. Chewing thoroughly

Chewing stimulates saliva production. The saliva neutralizes acids and helps wash away leftover food. Chewing food thoroughly is, therefore, an important part of the diet for healthy teeth.

Incidentally, thorough chewing is also supported by appropriate foods that have more to chew on. These are, for example, vegetables, wholemeal bread, or crunchy fruit. Chewing gum can also help with dental care, but only if it is also sugar-free.

Conclusion on a healthy diet | Healthy and white teeth

The foods we eat affect the health of our teeth. Tooth decay is clearly promoted by too much sugar. Therefore, it is vital for healthy and white teeth not only to brush your teeth regularly but also to pay attention to your diet. The five tips that we gave you will help. At the same time, an overall balanced and nutrient-rich diet also ensures that the teeth are supplied with essential nutrients.


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