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Of all measures against tooth decay, the administration of fluoride – after the regular removal of plaque – is the most effective protection against tooth decay. However, even with a healthy, wholesome diet, it is difficult to consistently supply yourself with enough fluorides for the teeth.

Fluorides are a natural building block in our body that plays a key role in bone formation and growth. Our tap and mineral water also usually contains too few dissolved fluoride compounds. About caries prophylaxis, it has establish up that an adequate supply of the body with fluoride significantly reduces the occurrence of caries.


The effects of fluorides in this context are:

  • Supports the remineralization of the tooth enamel after an acid attack, which reduces the formation of holes.
  • Inhibition of the bacterial metabolism and thus also the production of acids that damage the tooth enamel.

A sufficient supply of fluoride is therefore an effective method of caries prophylaxis. Since the daily intake of fluoride through drinking water and food is not sufficient for meaningful protection against caries, the body must be supplied with additional fluoride. There are several ways to do this.

Fluoride intake

  • Fluoride toothpaste
  • Use of fluoride jelly (prescription only)
  • Brushing on a fluoride varnish (by the dentist)
  • Rinse with a fluoride solution
  • Fluoridated table salt
  • Fluoride tablets for sucking
  • Fluoridated milk
  • Fluoridated mineral waters


The uncomplicated use of fluoridated table salt instead of conventional ones without fluorine is a very effective and inexpensive means that has already led to positive results in many studies. In the trade, it only offers up in combination with iodine as “iodized salt with fluoride”. It should be used in every household instead of normal household salt.

Either fluoridated table salt or fluoride tablets should be used in the household, both taken together could cause an overdose. Infants and toddlers are excluded because they only consume very small amounts of salt. You should therefore continue to receive fluoride tablets.

Conclusion on Fluorides

The fluoride content in toothpaste should also consider up into account. The use of toothpaste containing fluoride makes sense for adolescents and adults. Special children’s toothpaste should be used for children, as the fluoride content in adult toothpaste is too high.


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