What are dental retainers and when are they used?


The entire orthodontic process does not end when you remove your braces or Invisalign invisible orthodontic system. After this active phase, once we have already carried out the treatment and you have achieved a healthy and beautiful smile, it is necessary to follow some rules to maintain it.

Retention is the last phase of orthodontic treatment. The objective is to keep the teeth in their corrected position and thus prevent them from returning to their initial state.

The orthodontist places the fixed retainers just after the braces have been removed. The time of 24 hours after orthodontic removal should never be exceeded.

Fixed or removable retainers: which is better?


Removable retainers

Patient will wear removable retainers every night. It is recommended that they be used indefinitely, although after three or four years, their use can begin to be reduced if the dentist indicates so.

Hawley retainer

It is the most widely used of the orthodontic retainers. Its system is composed of hooks that are placed on the molar teeth and an arc-shaped wire that remains on the outside of the teeth. This type of removable retainer is characterized by covering the entire palate, thus providing total retention that prevents overbite and tooth movement after treatment.

Essix retainer

It is also widely used and is made up of a very fine transparent plastic structure that adapts to the position of the teeth to prevent movement after orthodontic treatment. It has to adapt without any discomfort, in the event that it rubs on the gums you should tell your dentist so that they can polish it a little more.

If you do not wear it for several days, it may cost you a little when you go to do it, since the teeth are in constant movement, for this you must place it with a little pressure and let it act for 48 hours.

Fixed retainers

The fixed retainers are thin sheets of braided wire standing placed on the inside of the teeth from canine to canine, both in the upper arch and the bottom.

They are very aesthetic when they are placed on the inside, no one will notice that you are wearing them and very comfortable, they do not interfere with speech or generate sores or small wounds due to friction.

Once the orthodontist places the fixed and removable retention, you will be called after three months to check the appliances and check that they are still properly adjusted.


Subsequently, what is recommended is that the patient go to their dentist once a year, in this consultation we will take into account both the state of the fixed and removable retainer since over time they may suffer wear or perforations.

Retention is a very important part after the braces treatment, for it to remain stable for as long as possible.


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