5 Tips for Dental Care During the Christmas Season


Healthy teeth despite mulled wine and cookies? What you need to consider to protect your teeth from tooth decay and the like during the Christmas season.


Avoid discolored teeth

A wonderfully fragrant mulled wine is simply part of a cozy Advent evening. Most people are aware that red wine, and thus mulled wine, can stain teeth. With the right dental care, however, this is no reason to forego the hot red wine.

Attention: Wait about half an hour before brushing your teeth, because during this time the tooth enamel is particularly vulnerable.

Try something low in sugar

Cookies and gingerbread are hard to escape during the Christmas season. The shelves in the supermarkets and the stalls in the Christmas markets are full of goodies. The disadvantage: the sweet treats contain high amounts of sugar, which can cause tooth decay . Our tip: It is not always the sugary cookies that taste best. There are low-sugar variants that are hardly inferior to their sweeter relatives in terms of taste.

If you bake yourself: Try using less sugar and using other tasty ingredients and spices instead . Your teeth will thank you!

It’s not the amount that counts, but the frequency

Hand on heart: almost nobody can do without the sugar bombs completely. Grandma’s cookies are just too delicious for that. The good news: The amount itself is not decisive for dental health, but the frequency with which we ingest the treats. The bacteria in our oral cavity feed on the sugar that we ingest and release acids in the process. These in turn attack the tooth enamel. After about 30 minutes, the tooth enamel recovers because the saliva we produce has a neutralizing effect on the acids. However, if we keep reaching into the cookie box, the tooth enamel cannot recover and the risk of our tooth enamel being damaged increases.

Our tip: Only bring out the cookie box at certain times, for example with afternoon coffee.

Then you can really grab it and it tastes all the better. In this way you avoid that your teeth cannot recover from the constant snacking. Don’t forget to brush your teeth regularly. This is the only way to protect yourself against tooth decay in the long term.

Sugar-free chewing gum

Who does not know that: The evening at the Christmas market is associated with one or the other mulled wine, of course the teeth brushing does not take place until hours later. During this time, the color particles can adhere to the enamel and cause discoloration.

Our tip: A sugar-free chewing gum can help.

It stimulates the production of saliva and thus ensures a quick neutralization of the acids. This allows you to enjoy the evening at the Christmas market undisturbed.

A tooth-healthy Christmas dinner

Not only sweets and mulled wine are omnipresent in the Christmas season. The roast is also part of Christmas time and the cozy Advent evenings with friends and family.

Our tip: Use fluoridated table salt in the preparation of Christmas dishes, because fluorine strengthens the tooth substance and prevents tooth decay.

Beans, lentils, peanuts and of course fish also contain fluoride and are therefore good for the teeth. Feasting with these foods is not only fun, it is also easy on the teeth. Additionally: A tooth-healthy alternative to coffee in the afternoon is black or green tea. It also contains fluoride and strengthens the tooth enamel , even if it can lead to discoloration with heavy use.


You don’t have to go without the delicacies to protect your teeth. When combined with proper dental care, you have nothing to worry about. With these tips, you don’t have to worry about your teeth and you can enjoy the holiday season with all of its sweet delights.


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