The 4 most common complaints after visiting the dentist


Some dental treatments can have side effects on our teeth. Many are expected, such as pain in the treated area after extraction, while others can take us by surprise by not affecting all patients.


Tooth sensitivity

Some of the treatments performed by dentists have a high probability of having this side effect, which in this case can last between two weeks and a month. For example, it is normal that we can suffer it both when we have a composite filling and when replacing a metallic one with a new one made of this material. It is also a likely consequence of treatments that act directly on tooth enamel, such as mouth cleanings or teeth whitening. By performing these processes, some parts of the teeth with less enamel can be exposed, leaving the dentin more exposed and making the tooth more prone to tooth sensitivity. To try to reduce this discomfort, we can use toothpastes specially designed for this purpose.


When one or more capillary vessels break, what we commonly call bruises occurs. It is a common consequence after a surgical operation and even after extractions that do not require surgery. Sometimes, in addition, it can occur after the application of local anesthesia, in the event that the needle breaks a vessel at the time of puncture. Be that as it may, the normal thing is that they appear between 1-3 days after the intervention and that, sometimes, neighboring areas are reproduced, such as the face or neck.


Not only does the extraction cause this effect on our face, but also other treatments such as the placement of implants. The normal thing is that it lasts about 48 hours and, little by little, it decreases. Associated reactions such as a stiff jaw or discomfort when opening and closing the mouth can also occur as a consequence. To improve this situation, in addition to the inflammatory ones recommended by our dentist, we can apply wet cloths or ice around the jaw.

Inflammation of the gums

Oral cleaning is one of the treatments most demanded by patients, who may suffer, among other side effects, inflammation of the gums. This reaction can also occur temporarily after implant placement but, yes, if it lasts over time, it is an indication that our body is not accepting that external body. In addition, there are some products, such as whitening gels that are used for teeth whitening, that can cause irritation in this area of ​​our teeth.


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