What is the Clincheck in Invisalign Treatment?


Clincheck is the software on which the Invisalign invisible orthodontic system is based. Thanks to him, the patient is able to see how his smile will look, even before starting treatment.

This program developed by the American company Align Technology allows orthodontists to guide orthodontic treatment completely from the beginning, through digital records.

In this way, during the course of the treatment, the doctor will only have to check that the micro movements that he had planned with the Clincheck program are acting as prescribed.

How does the Clincheck work?


Once a patient decides to wear Invisible Invisalign braces, a three-dimensional intraoral scan is performed. With this scanner we will be able to obtain exact records of the patient’s mouth.

Once we have the digital records and a series of photos of the patient’s mouth, the orthodontist sends them to Align Technology along with a series of precise instructions on what that patient needs to have their mouth aligned.

It is then that Align Technology will create the patient’s specific Clincheck and return it to the orthodontist with the requested changes applied in a sequence of (usually) weekly micromovements.

The orthodontist, thanks to his knowledge and experience, will manage the software and correct the planning carried out by the American company until the desired tooth alignment is obtained.

This step will be repeated as many times as the doctor considers until the Clincheck reflects the reality of the movements you want to be performed in the patient’s mouth.

Once the final Clincheck is approved, the patient will be able to see what will be the sequence of movements that will be made and what will be the final result of their smile.

Advantages of Clincheck

The Clincheck, compared to other orthodontic systems that do not require any type of computer software, has some advantages for the patient:

No more registrations with modelling paste. Thanks to the 3-dimensional intraoral scanner necessary to be able to obtain the digital image of the patient for the Clincheck, it will not be necessary to go through the trouble of making the records with the paste that often causes gagging in patients.

Sending records almost immediately. Thanks to the fact that it is not necessary to send the records by traditional mail, but rather it is done electronically, this step will be much faster.

Shorter and spaced appointments. Thanks to the planning projected by the orthodontist and his experience, the appointments are practically predictable, since the doctor will only have to verify that the treatment is working as planned. This means that appointments are scheduled every 7 weeks approximately and that they are much shorter than in a treatment with braces, for example.

You see the result of the treatment before starting it. The Clincheck lets you know what your aligned teeth will look like before starting, which is an extra motivation for the course of treatment.

Why is it important to choose a good orthodontist with a lot of experience in Invisalign?

Clincheck Orthodontist

Clincheck is not fool proof. The technicians who perform Align Technology Clinchecks do not even have prior experience in the dental industry. That implies that they often take the doctor’s instructions and apply them without taking into account the reality of the biomechanics of the aligners.

If the orthodontist who is directing the treatment does not have enough experience and knowledge to be able to detect the mistakes made by the technicians of the American company, it is likely that the final result of the treatment will not be as expected.

Our orthodontists, all of them with a long history in Invisalign and with extensive knowledge of the biomechanics of aligners (very different from that of braces), are also Invisalign Diamond Providers.

This implies an evident guarantee that what is planned in the Clincheck will be what will happen in reality. No surprises.

Do you want to know more about Invisalign or Clincheck? Request a first visit at London Dentaly and we will solve all your doubts.


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