Bleaching teeth: To whiten teeth

Bleaching teeth

Also, You can whiten your teeth through whitening. Basically, everyone can bleach their teeth. However, only natural teeth, no fillings, crowns, or other dentures. Your dentist will be happy to advise you on bleaching teeth. Teeth whitening should always be done under the guidance of a dentist.

Bleaching teeth – How Does It Work?

Bleaching teeth lightens several shades based on the natural tooth color. Hydrogen or carbamide peroxide are the names of the substances used in dentistry to whiten teeth.

Often a professional tooth cleaning (PZR) in the dental practice can already bring the desired effect. At the PZR, a specially trained employee (prophylaxis assistant or dental hygienist) removes all externally adhering deposits. This brings out the natural tooth color again. In most cases, that alone causes teeth whitening. And on top of that, it’s cheaper than bleaching.

Bleaching teeth – Requirements

  • The teeth are free from tooth decay.
  • Fillings and crowns are intact.
  • The periodontal apparatus or gums are healthy.
  • A thorough examination takes place before the treatment.
  • The patient has been informed about the costs and agrees.

How Long Does It Last?

Bleaching teeth

The result of bleaching teeth will last for several years under ideal conditions. That means no smoking, little coffee, tea, or red wine, good dental care, regular professional teeth cleaning. Otherwise, the teeth can darken again after a few months.

Bleaching teeth – Methods


The whitening treatment takes place entirely in the practice. A rubber blanket stretched over the teeth to be bleached protects the gums and neighboring teeth from the bleaching gel. A special lamp can intensify the effect. The exposure time depends on the concentration of the bleaching gel and the desired level of lightening. Depending on the initial situation, several meetings may be necessary.


For the bleaching, the patient receives a custom-made splint to take home with them in the dental practice. So, according to the dentist’s instructions, he fills the splint with bleaching gel and wears it for a few hours a day. The application can take two to six weeks, depending on the desired result.

Are There Side Effects?

The necks of the teeth can be temperature-sensitive during and after bleaching teeth. Fluoride gel helps against this. The dentist applies it at the end of the whitening.

Whitening – Can It Harm?

According to the current state of knowledge, only whitening that is professionally performed by a dentist is safe. No damage to teeth or gums looks forward to. Over-the-counter agents have low concentrations. They, therefore, brighten only a little. They can cause inflammation in the gums. Because the enclosed rails are not individually adapted. The bleach may ooze out.

Whitening – Can It Whiten Dead Teeth?

Yes. However, Teeth that have been root-treated and filled are often discolored. The dentist applies the whitening agent to the opened tooth and temporarily closes it. The bleaching insert works for several days. It is renewed until the discolored tooth matches the color of the rest of the teeth.

Whitening – What Does It Cost?

The statutory health insurance companies thus do not cover the treatment costs for bleaching. Normal whitening usually costs between £130 and £220 euros per jaw.

Bleaching teeth – is teeth whitening age-dependent?

No, whitening does not depend on age. However, especially with older people, there are aesthetic aspects to consider. Teeth get longer with age. However, the exposed dental cement cannot lessen. The undesirable consequence: the upper part of the tooth becomes light, the lower part remains dark. Tooth color and facial features should also be harmoniously coordinated. For example, dazzling white teeth do not fit into a weathered, older face. Overall, with increasing age, the teeth become darker due to corresponding changes and wear and tear of the hard tooth substance. This does not necessarily have to be perceived as annoying.


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